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The AC compressor is a mechanical device that functions to suck the refrigerant vapor from the evapolator. The smoked steam will then be compressed. From the results of compresses (pressed), the temperature and vapor pressure become higher. The compressor also functions to drain refrigerant throughout the cooling system network. The AC compressor is responsible for maintaining the pressure difference in the system. The working system is to change the pressure so that it moves from the high pressure side to the lower pressure side. The higher the temperature pumped the greater the energy released by the compressor.

We, PT. Prima Prospek Indonesia which is an Agent and Distributor of Spare Parts and Refrigeration Equipment selling cheap and complete AC compressors with various types as follows:

1. AC Rotary Compressors

Is an AC compressor that is widely used for small compressors with a rotating system, thus forcing the fluid to move and compress on the other side.

2. AC Piston Compressor

Is an AC compressor that uses a piston system, which works by going back and forth.

3. AC Scroll Compressor / Spiral Compressor

Is a tool used to pump refrigerants, using the working principle of 2 spiral pieces, where 1 spiral does not move, and the other spirals can move, thus creating pressure between them.

4. Semi Hermetic AC Compressor

In semi hermetic construction compressor parts and electro motors each stand alone in a separate state. To drive the compressor the electric motor shaft is connected to the compressor shaft directly.

5. Centrifugal AC Compressor

An AC compressor that uses centrifugal force to compress fluid, usually using low pressure freons such as r123.

PT. Prima Prospek Indonesia sells quality AC compressors at low prices and various brands. Contact us if you have questions or need help regarding our products.

PT Prima Prospek Indonesia

Welcome to PT Prima Prospek Indonesia. We are a company that established since 2000 engaged in industrial AC Compressor, Kulthorn Kirby, Freon, Secop, AC Compressor Oil, Air Conditioning. We were in Rukan Citi Square Blok B11-12. Kec.Kalideres Jakarta Barat.. Discover the variety of our best products (Compressor (Kulthorn Kirby, Secop, Embraco), Fan Motor (Kulthorn, EBM), Freon (Refrigerant, Chemours, Genetron), Condensing Unit (Kulthorn Kirby, EBM), Freon (Forane, Pure), Oli (Sunice, Suniso, Emkarate)) with quality and the best price you can get.

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